Pay attention to tales about food and family as we enter the Christmas season - pinoyflix

Pay attention to tales about food and family as we enter the Christmas season

Pay attention to tales about food and family as we enter the Christmas season

Tracy Schuhmacher didn’t have an extraordinary outlook on her housekeeping abilities and the intricate details of being a self-portrayed housewife in 2004. Yet, she cherished cooking.

“The one thing that provided me with a feeling of certainty and achievement was cooking and baking for loved ones,” she said. “I chose to utilize those abilities to enter the Pillsbury Bake-off and attempt to win the great prize of $1 million.”

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Tracy Schuhmacher

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle staff photograph.

Tracy Shuhmacher

Presently a food, drink and culture author at the Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester, New York, Schuhmacher will discuss whether she won or lost, and how she felt about it, on Nov. 16 as a feature of the USA TODAY Network’s Storytellers Project show, “Food and Family.”

Tune in online at 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET for five valid, individual stories. Register ahead of time to get an update and watch on USA TODAY’s Facebook page, YouTube channel or site.

Schuhmacher will be joined by:

Stephanie Laska of San Francisco

Rohini Chandra, 31, of Los Angeles

Melissa Soza Fees, 54, of Phoenix

Gabrielle Shea, 41, of Brooklyn, New York

Rohini Chandra, 31, of Los Angeles will share a valid, individual tale about food and family.

Chandra, an original Asian-Indian American and producer, will share a tale about venturing out to see her folks in India around two years prior. During the visit, she saw smoke somewhere far off while looking from the tenth floor of her folks’ elevated structure. She examined and found a dissent drove by ranch workers.

In chatting with them, Chandra said she felt a connection and fostered a profound regard for their work.

“I trust individuals will identify with the impactful and inspiring experience I had in gathering a rancher family in India whose world is so totally not the same as our own,” she said.

Melissa Soza Fees, 54, of Phoenix is among five individuals sharing tales about food and family on Nov. 16.

Soza Fees will recount to a tale about her grandma, whom she affectionately calls Nana, encouraging her how to cook. She says those examples were something beyond learning method and interaction. Her Nana likewise bestowed insight, and the significance of giving over family customs and stories through food.

“I trust audience members remove how we can respect the memory of an individual when we cook their plans,” she said.

Gabrielle Shea, 41, of Brooklyn, New York, will share an individual anecdote about serving macaroni and cheddar interestingly to her currently spouse’s family as a feature of the “Food and Family” virtual narrating show.

Shea’s story is tied in with fizzling at something and afterward having a chance at recovery. It revolves around Thanksgiving, when she was welcome to meet her sweetheart’s family interestingly and chosen to bring her claim to fame dish of macaroni and cheddar.

“I put improved dense milk rather than dissipated milk. It was totally appalling and I was humiliated,” she said.

In any case, at Christmas, Shea got another opportunity at making the dish.

“His whole family cherished it,” she said. “We got hitched. Also, 20 years and three kids later, I actually make macintosh and cheddar for each event and it is as yet the most pursued dish on the supper table.”

Stephanie Laska of San Francisco, creator of “Messy, Lazy Keto,” will share an individual tale about food and family through the Storytellers Project.

Laska’s story is about her craving to change some negative quirks and take on a better way of life. Her reminder was at Disneyland when her child was left unprotected on a ride in light of the fact that the wellbeing bar halted at her midsection and he was a lot more modest.

“It wasn’t until my child almost lost his life on a thrill ride that I at long last got getting in shape going,” she said.

“I’m living verification that practical weight reduction is conceivable without observing pointless and constrictive guidelines. Things being what they are, you can have it both ways.”

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